UK Tudor North Flag 91210N Replica Swiss Decent Watches With Black Dials For Sale

The whole watches are made of satin-finished steel. Their impression is reliable and solid. Tudor North Flag copy watches with yellow seconds hands have 40mm steel cases which are carried with Cal. MT5621, self-winding mechanical movements tested by COSC. They can wind up in both directions by rotors. The Swiss automatic movements can provide approximate 70-hour power to the whole functions.

There are white luminescent indexes and Arabic numerals as hour markers. The hour and minute hands are also carried with luminescent plating. People can see the time in the dark. A small date indicator is set at 3 o’clock. The whole neat dial has some yellow elements to add energetic feelings. The central yellow seconds hand has a white luminescent tip. And the power reserve indicator with a small luminescent hand is at 9 o’clock. Its markers are all in yellow.

Tudor fake watches with Swiss automatic movements use sapphire-resistant sapphire glasses to protect the delicate dials. Their waterproofness is good. And the steel bracelets are made up of three rows of chain links, offering a comfortable experience. Their appearances are decent and classic, and the functions are practical and stable. So they are a best sellers on the market.

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