REVIEW: Cheap Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue Fake Watch UK

In 1958 Tudor introduced their first divers’ watch, water-resistant to 200 meters/660 feet. It was reference 7924 also known as the “Big Crown”. This is where the modern Black Bay Fifty-Eight (BB58) derives its name.
The Black Bay Fifty-Eight line as a whole pays homage to the brand’s first divers’ watches. However, in 1969, Tudor introduced a divers’ watch with a blue dial and bezel. Other sports watches in their collection soon followed suit, immediately creating a lasting aesthetic hallmark known as “Tudor Blue”. Adopted by the French Navy during the 1970s, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” follows in this tradition with its navy blue dial and aluminum bezel insert.
Already seeing much success with the original fake Black Bay Fifty-Eight in 2018 — largely due to its faithfulness to vintage Tudor and Rolex Submariners — the latest blue version is poised to sell similarly well considering it builds on existing BB58 demand and ties in the historically significant Marine Nationale shade of blue.

Stainless Steel Fake Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue Watch

This is the watch in for review, the perfect replica Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue Ref. 79030B-0003 with a manufacture caliber MT5402. The caliber MT5402 is certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) and is a 4Hz automatic movement with a bidirectional rotor system (that winds in both directions), and has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. The movement has a thickness of only 4.99 mm, the main reason for how slender the watch is.
The screw-down winding crown displays the Tudor rose and like its predecessor is water-resistant to the same 200 m/660 ft. The bezel is steel and is rotatable unidirectionally with a 60-minute graduated insert in matte blue anodized aluminum with silver gilded markings and numerals. A domed sapphire crystal protects the dial. Applied hour markers and Tudor’s signature “Snowflake” hands complete the neo-vintage aesthetic. As was its 1950’s counterpart, the modern model offers a stainless steel case 39 mm in diameter — keeping the characteristic proportions of its predecessor (more on that later).
The BB58B was shipped for review paired with Tudor’s blue and white striped fabric strap. Interestingly, the strap looks like a Nato style strap but is actually engineered to have spring bars pass through it so it sits as a quasi single pass strap. This allows it to have a Nato look but a standard buckle and tail finish, having no extra length of strap to fold over as you would find on a traditional Nato-style watch strap. The material has a tactile feel and in this configuration, the watch weighed in at 76 grams and with a retail price of $3,375 as shown.

Fake Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue Watch For Men

I decided to give the navy blue BB58 a true test of wearability and authenticity to a watch whose DNA it’s emulating: my 1992 Tudor Submariner Ref. 79090. As a side note and a topic for a whole other article, I refer to watches over 25 years old as “vintage.” For insurance and registration purposes, the age of a classic car in most cases must be at least 20 years and when I polled the Instagram #watchfam a few years back, 25-30 years old to be considered vintage was the overwhelming consensus, so, therefore, I’m considering the 79090 as “vintage.”
Dimensions between the modern Black Bay 58 Ref. 79030B and the vintage Submariner Ref. 79090 are strikingly exact. In fact, the only measurable differences lie in that the vintage submariner has crown guards where the BB58 does not and in case thickness. Before all the purists and anti reissue collectors groan over these subtle differences, they are both misleading. In measuring the case diameter of the vintage Tudor minus the crown guards and crown you’ll find it’s the exact same 39 mm as the BB58.
The other difference, as mentioned, is in case thickness. If you’re a watch nerd like me (and if you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance) one would naturally think this means the modern BB58 is going to be the thicker of the two. However, we must dissect further. The 79090 without the crystal measures 10 mm versus the BB58 at 11 mm. Deceiving once again because the thicker top hat acrylic crystal of the vintage sub makes the thickness dimension the same 13 mm as the modern BB58 with its 1 mm thinner sapphire crystal. All other measurements are precisely in line with each other. Both have a lug to lug distance of 47 mm, a 39 mm case diameter without crown, and the same 43 mm with the crown. They also both use the watch collectors sigh of relief, 20 mm lug width.

Best UK Sale Tudor Royal 41 & 38 Replica Watches Automatic Online

When Rolex’s sister brand Tudor returned to the United States (and UK for that matter) in 2013, the brand did not take its entire collection with them. Instead, Tudor in the United States was almost exclusively a sports watch brand (the Tudor Style-reviewed here-was not a major commercial success) with emphasis mostly on the wide Black Bay collection as well as the Pelagos tool-style watches. A number of perfect fake Tudor watches remained exclusive to other parts of the world. Now in 2020 Tudor launches an updated Prince Date-Day or OysterDate watch which has been turned into the “Tudor Royal” family.  The new collection of integrated bracelet watches is now available around the world, and helps bring a major part of the Tudor brand experience out of its almost exclusive previous existence in the Far East.

Tudor debuts a series of over 50 Tudor Royal watches between four case sizes and a series of dial and material options. For men, the Tudor Royal 41 (28600 series) mm and 38mm (28500) are of interest, while it is worth noting that for women a 34 (28400) and 28 (28300) millimeter size option is also available. The Royal can be interpreted as the Tudor version of the Rolex Datejust or the Day-Date-depending on the version. Since Tudor’s original debut in the mid 1920, the brand has been a lower-cost alternative to Rolex. Often Tudor models have mimicked Rolex analogs in name, style (or both). More recently Tudor has expanded beyond that with more original models (such as the Pelagos for example). With that said, a major part of the Tudor business model is to offer lower-cost alternatives to Rolex watches. As such, Tudor watch prices more or less top out where Rolex watch prices start. So compared to a Rolex Day-Date or Datejust, the Tudor Royal is a real bargain.

The male fake watch is designed for men.
Blue Dial Fake Tudor Royal Watch

The Swiss made replica Tudor Royal for 2020 falls neatly inline with the watch industry’s new fetish for integrated bracelet watches. Not that such watches are new, but there is a belief that consumers want them – so we are starting to see more and more timepieces with a bracelet design that is integrated with the case. When done right, a case’s lugs smoothly transition to a bracelet which elegantly tapers down a bit. That’s exactly the case with the Tudor Royal… and they do the visual trend real justice.

In addition to steel, Tudor also offers two-tone steel and 18k yellow gold versions (28603/28503 series) of the Royal. For the latter, 18k gold is used for the notched bezel, crown, and some of the bracelet links. The Royal comes with four dial colors for men, including black, blue, silver, and gold-toned. Indeed, not exciting colors in an era where lots of luxury watches are adopting bright colors, but Royalty as always been conservative by nature… Tudor does however offer some dial options with partial diamond-set hour markers to compliment the other full Roman numeral marker dials.

These quality replica Tudor Royal watches are water resistant to 100 meters-the same as the Rolex Oyster case. The bezel design is Tudor’s answer to Rolex’s admittedly fancier fluted gold bezel. The Tudor notched bezel looks similar at a glance, but use a more basic machining technique to achieve its visual effect. In fact, according to watch collectors this bezel design is probably the most controversial element of the Royal and the other previous Prince or Tudor models which bore this bezel style. In fact this might be the first time such a bezel design was paired with the Tudor Royal name-which has been on hiatus for quite some time I believe. Given that “Tudor” is the name of the historic British royal family, and the brand has had a number of “courtly” names-“Tudor Royal” and “Tudor Prince” more or less feel like the same moniker.

The mother-of-pearl dial fake watch is designed for women.
Fake Tudor Royal Watch For Women

While some Tudor watches contain in-house made Tudor automatic mechanical movements, the Royal watches will again feature Swiss Made ETA movements. The larger of the models is the Tudor Royal 41mm, and it is the only of the new Royal watches to feature a Date-Day (Tudor’s traditional way or writing Rolex’s “Day-Date” name) complication. It uses an ETA 2834 automatic movement while the Royal 38mm has just the time and date and makes use of an ETA 2824 automatic movement. Both of the movements operate at 4Hz with about 38 hours of power reserve.

Price is on Tudor’s side, as even the two-tone versions of the Royal are pretty affordable by comparative standards. What has yet to be seen is if Tudor’s legion of Black Bay fans (the Black Bay is often touted as an ideal entry-point into high-quality Swiss Made sport watches) will also take to the dressier guise of the Royal. My inclination is that while the Royal watches are pretty nice, Tudor will find appeal with different types of timepiece consumers than those who jumped on the Pelagos and Black Bay bandwagons.

Tudor will also likely be able to claim better case and bracelet quality as compared to much of the competition out there selling at similar price points. Watch collectors have in general not always been the biggest buyers of Rolex’s Datejust and Day-Date models-preferring their sport watches more often than not. I believe the same is true with Tudor, where enthusiasts gravitate toward sport watches while the “luxury lifestyle” models such as the Date-Day (before the Royal) were for more general luxury consumers. That is a shame because watch lovers do miss out a lot when not considering these otherwise excellent models.