UK High-quality Tudor Black Bay Dark Replica Watch For Sale Online

But this is all black?! Let’s be honest, the perfect fake Tudor Black Bay 58 with its goldilocks 39mm size is probably the best example of the red triangle inspiration, an amalgamation of MIL-spec Submariner and a classic vintage Tudor.

39MM Replica Tudor Black Bay Dark Watch

But we all know what the 58 looks like, so here’s the broody darkness of the 1:1 best replica Black Bay to sex things up. In all its menacing blackness, this is a damn cool 41mm Rolex family case, and what a way to emphasise that red triangle.

Waterproof Fake Tudor Black Bay Dark Watch

Don’t get me wrong, I love the original look of pure brushed steel, but this makes those two red details Pop (yes, with a capital “P”). The case finish is as exquisite as expected, the DLC is among the hardiest on the market, so this is a damn tough tool and a nice way to stand out from the 58 crowd.

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