Tudor Pelagos Replica Watch With Blue Dial For Sale UK

The Tudor Pelagos replica uk first came out in 2012 and it hit like a hammer, albeit a light, titanium one! The Pelagos is one of those great watches that, if hard pressed, people recommend as an epic tool watch. For some reason, though, it rarely gets much press these days.

Maybe this is due to the fact that the watch hasn’t changed so much since it was released. Still, high-end copy Tudor added an in-house movement in 2015 and gave us both a blue version and a left-handed “LHD” model in the meantime. The blue ceramic bezel replica Tudor Pelagos brings a lot of Tudor / Rolex Submariner design characteristics to the table and it surprises me that this 42mm watch isn’t more popular. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s available, but it somehow feels overlooked at times.

Some reckon that the Tudor Pelagos copy is the watch that is closest to what the old Submariner used to represent. It’s simple, well-priced, and has just enough innovation. On the latter point, the self-adjusting clasp is a really neat piece of kit. It’s also good to note that this is the Tudor diver with a ceramic bezel. I don’t need another everyday diver, but if I were in the market, the €4,260 cheap Tudor Pelagos replication watch would be in the running along with the next family of great watches.

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