Two Different Appearances: UK Bronze Case Tudor Heritage Black Day Bronze Replica Watches

Tudor watches are excellent watches that had receive lots of fans all over the world. You can easily find their beautiful figures in many kinds of situations. However, the price of Tudor is so high for many of us. How can we buy excellent watches with lower price? I suggest you to buy our fake Tudor watches. They are good in quality, charming in outlook and suitable in price. I think you will fall in love with our copy Tudor watches.arabic-numerals-tudor-heritage-black-day-bronze-replica-watchesThe Heritage Black Day Bronze features an imposing bronze case, 43 mm in diameter. It is an aesthetic reference to the use of bronze in historic ships and driving equipment. While the choice of this material is related to its features of a high performance aluminum bronze alloy with brushed finishes which will leads a highly functional appearance to the watch and guarantees the development of a subtle and unique patina.bronze-case-tudor-heritage-black-day-bronze-replica-watchesArabic numerals Tudor Heritage Black Day Bronze copy watches apply two kinds of straps, one is aged leather strap and another is additional fabric strap. These two kinds of materials are wear-resisting materials.brown-dial-tudor-heritage-black-day-bronze-replica-watchesBrown dial Tudor copy watches apply a high-performance caliber of excellent precision and assembled in-house. It offers a 70 hours power reserve meaning that its wearer can, for example, take off the watch on Friday evening and put it on again on Monday morning without having to wind it. Furthermore, the movement is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.
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